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Audio Book Production Team

JC Lynne

JC Lynne is a Colorado author with degrees from Metropolitan State University and Colorado State University. She divides her time between writing, teaching yoga, and wrangling creatures on the farm

She believes in offering local and independent authors the chance to get the word out.

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Luke Fischer

Luke Fischer is an acclaimed audio engineer. With over fifteen years experience in the music industry, he has worked with artists like Snoop Dog, Herb Albert and Grammy-nominated artist Shawn Amos. His philosophy that storytelling is most impactful through sound and his highly tuned ear make him the premiere audio designer east of the Rockies. 

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Lillie Fischer

Lillie Fischer is above all else, a storyteller. After directing and producing several documentaries, podcasts and short films, they earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Film Science from the Los Angeles Film School. As the creative director for Ngano Press, Lillie creates the through line for quality, professional voice acting. Their holistic approach to performance makes Ngano Press Studios a place for every voice actor to shine.

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